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This post took far more effort to write than anyone could believe.  Having nothing to do with what I wanted to write about, my phone had been lost before I had the chance to upload the photos for the post.  After a few hours of panicking and finally coming up with a plan to retrieve/replace it, I finally got a call on a friend’s phone from the person who had found mine (YIPEEE!).  Without sparing too many details, it was a hectic night to say the least but in the end all the craziness was worth getting my beloved iphone back.

Now to the good stuff, the quaint and beyond adorable Maman restaurant in the financial district.  With French chefs to boast, their selection of adorable Parisian café-inspired selection of quiches, salads, and baked goods are spot on with those found across the Atlantic.  I had the salmon quiche and sprouts salad which was nothing if not true to the Parisian equivalents.  The real show-stopper however was their pistachio loaf.  I’ve heard of many different kinds of loafs or breads, but never had I heard of this one; so why not give it a shot?  Without a doubt, it will be my new go-to when in need of a guilty pleasure.  The dense but moist slice had a thin layer of icing sugar on the outside but most importantly, it really tasted like pistachios!  To my surprise, it tasted just like the nut (with a bit of added sweetness) but without the crunch.  Parfait! If I do say so myself.

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