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So I’m definitely a little behind on this one.  It’s been a hectic past couple weeks with midterms and papers on top of everything else.  This post I’m writing is one I’ve been thinking about for a while; people have been asking about my own space and how I put it together given my interest in interior design.  I decided to share some pictures of my room where I tried to merge a contemporary vibe with my love for rustic elements.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a choice in wall colour (even though I could change it, it’s a lot of work to do now), I had to work with the beige which really isn’t my fave.  To balance out that element, I kept things very monotone in terms of colour and really only brought in whites, greys, and blacks.

The little wooden ledge was a great piece from West Elm which brought in the contemporary feel of a gallery layout with some of my favourite prints and pictures.  If you’re looking for simple picture frames just like these, Indigo really is the best way to go (and check out their awesome prints while you’re there).  The pillow was another steal from Zone which has a whole bunch of cool rustic accessories especially during the winter season; they even have some cool knit throws that are perfect for a little decor change.  However, my favourite element has to be metal deer head from CB2.  It’s definitely a personal fave and I know it isn’t for everyone but that piece makes me feel cozy as ever and is a constant reminder of being up north.

The great thing is there really wasn’t much that needed to be added in order to give the appeal of that contemporary rustic vibe I was looking for.  With a white duvet (from EQ3) and furniture (which I re-painted in the colour I wanted), I really had a blank canvas that could make any concept run wild.

(In case anyone was wondering, the throw is from Simons, the little rug and mirror are both from IKEA and all are still available too!)

And most importantly (in my opinion), don’t leave out all personal pieces.  Although keeping it clean and simple is a huge part of contemporary design, making it your own is still what makes it truly your space.  For me, my ironman medal is a constant reminder of what I accomplished and how much I want to keep going.

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