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Pencil Skirt + Sweatshirt

IMG_1697 IMG_1701 IMG_1704 IMG_1717 IMG_1721 IMG_1725 IMG_1728 IMG_1731

This crazy weather just won’t seem to cool down but I’m definitely not complaining; I’m still just wearing a sweater outside and it feels great!  Not our typical Canadian Novembers that’s for sure.  While I’m taking advantage of this warmer weather, I’m still able to show off a little without sacrificing warmth.  Wearing this pencil skirt is exactly that and better yet, it’s stretchy and comfy as ever.  Instead of dressing it up, it’s actually really simple to dress a skirt like this casually.  Wearing a classic crewneck sweater is a perfect fall way to do that; in my case, this cropped sweater wasn’t exactly what I was looking for originally but ended up being a total score!  So instead of looking like I just came out of an office, I think this ensemble looks even cozier while still keeping the tailored feature of the skirt going strong.

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