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Bar Buca


Finally back at it with some of my foodie adventures!  With Winterlicious back in full swing, I couldn’t be more excited to visit some of the restaurants on my list.  Bar Buca was the first to try this year that hosts a menu in an Italian tapas style; whatever is ready first they brought out.  For this reason, we made sure to have a few different selections to share so we could both eat from what was brought out.  Winterlicious in itself is meant as a way to try out new things and new restaurants but never have I had such a great selection!  From the rapini, testa, and citrus salads, the lunch was starting off on an excellent foot.  To my surprise, I loved the sweet and spicy vinaigrette combined with the citrus elements and the olives.  Followed by the Mortadella sandwich and the roasted cauliflower in spicy tomato sauce, we seriously could not believe how tasty everything was!  I’d have to say that the cauliflower is what I loved most and is something I’d go back for in a heartbeat but the pesto and ricotta was another winner to not forget.  Although by this point we could barely have another bite, the little classic Italian desserts rounded it all out.  By far, the little chocolate torte, sprinkled with coffee grounds was the real winner in my mind.

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