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Chobani Soho Inspired Snacks

Just one hectic week after the next; all the finals, term projects, and assignment deadlines seem to come at once.  Regardless of how much you prepared ahead of time it always seems to hit hard.  My days have been spent with countless readings, writing, and brainstorming ideas for various design projects I have coming at me.  With all this hectic-ness though, I’m still trying to keep up with writing and ideas for my blog.  What I’m sharing today is something inspired from a little visit at the Chobani Soho while I was in New York City back in August.  Their little yogurt bowls were so yummy I tried to recreate a few recipes myself!  My two favourites so far have to be…. Plain Greek yogurt with clementine, cocoa nibs (or dark chocolate), pistachios, and honey AND Vanilla Greek yogurt with chai granola (from Bulk Barn), blackberries, and honey These combinations have at least kept my mood up while I cram and try to balance out everything else!

On a Sunday

Oh my goodness.  The last week has been non-stop for me and it has continued right through the weekend.  It’s getting into crunch time for a few of my classes as final assignments start to pile up.  Even with the hectic schedule I’ve been working with, I needed to get some fresh air this afternoon so I headed down to Bunner’s in Kensington Market for a quick lunch before I get back to the books.  This place is one of my favourites for something quick and simple.  Their pockets are easy to eat with one hand so you can free up the other for a coffee.  Talk about perfect! I also picked up a few of their adorable baby cinnamon buns!  They’re a little denser than your typical roll, but they’re delicious in their own way.  Whenever I’m down there I love picking up a little something to share later with friends or family.

Pencil Skirt + Sweatshirt

This crazy weather just won’t seem to cool down but I’m definitely not complaining; I’m still just wearing a sweater outside and it feels great!  Not our typical Canadian Novembers that’s for sure.  While I’m taking advantage of this warmer weather, I’m still able to show off a little without sacrificing warmth.  Wearing this pencil skirt is exactly that and better yet, it’s stretchy and comfy as ever.  Instead of dressing it up, it’s actually really simple to dress a skirt like this casually.  Wearing a classic crewneck sweater is a perfect fall way to do that; in my case, this cropped sweater wasn’t exactly what I was looking for originally but ended up being a total score!  So instead of looking like I just came out of an office, I think this ensemble looks even cozier while still keeping the tailored feature of the skirt going strong.


  So I’m definitely a little behind on this one.  It’s been a hectic past couple weeks with midterms and papers on top of everything else.  This post I’m writing is one I’ve been thinking about for a while; people have been asking about my own space and how I put it together given my interest in interior design.  I decided to share some pictures of my room where I tried to merge a contemporary vibe with my love for rustic elements.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a choice in wall colour (even though I could change it, it’s a lot of work to do now), I had to work with the beige which really isn’t my fave.  To balance out that element, I kept things very monotone in terms of colour and really only brought in whites, greys, and blacks. The little wooden ledge was a great piece from West Elm which brought in the contemporary feel of a gallery layout with some of my favourite prints and pictures.  If you’re looking for simple picture …

Après Ski in the City

For those stuck in the city for the winter, I can understand why you aren’t big fans of the cold weather.  But I know when the temperatures start to drop, snow will be in my future; more specifically, on the slopes!  Regardless of where I am in the winter, I’d almost always rather be at the mountain.  So in the colder months, if I look like I’m preppin’ for après ski or like I just got off the slopes, don’t take it as a surprise.  Layering up and wearing ski bunny gear is kinda my thing.  This vest for example is another one of those perfect pieces that I recently snatched up and can’t stop wearing!  To me, it screams getting cozy by the fire after a cold day outside with a beer in my hand and surrounded by the fam.


This post took far more effort to write than anyone could believe.  Having nothing to do with what I wanted to write about, my phone had been lost before I had the chance to upload the photos for the post.  After a few hours of panicking and finally coming up with a plan to retrieve/replace it, I finally got a call on a friend’s phone from the person who had found mine (YIPEEE!).  Without sparing too many details, it was a hectic night to say the least but in the end all the craziness was worth getting my beloved iphone back. Now to the good stuff, the quaint and beyond adorable Maman restaurant in the financial district.  With French chefs to boast, their selection of adorable Parisian café-inspired selection of quiches, salads, and baked goods are spot on with those found across the Atlantic.  I had the salmon quiche and sprouts salad which was nothing if not true to the Parisian equivalents.  The real show-stopper however was their pistachio loaf.  I’ve heard of many different …


In honour of the Jays finally clinching a playoffs spot, I figured why not throw in some baseball style to the blog?  I know there are lots of sports fans out there reading this, and dressing for the game or parties to watch the game can be tricky; trying to make sure you haven’t gone overboard but at the same time you don’t want to look like a guy.  Don’t get me wrong, when the Habs are around I’ll be sporting every piece I can possibly manage especially to get on those Leafs fans’ nerves, but that isn’t always the right strategy. One.  Especially if you aren’t a real fanatic, don’t go overboard.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of baseball, but going to a game and getting into the atmosphere is a lot of fun!  So in this case, I opted for a pair of casual, worn-in jeans and a sporty T-shirt.  Going super minimal with a cap or subtle cue to the team for support is the …