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My foodie adventures for 2016 continues with an unreal Winterlicious lunch at Marben.  With old friends to catch up with and delicious food coming our way, we couldn’t be more excited!  Their wide selection made choices so difficult because everything sounded so darn good!  We both started things off with the winter greens salad (the toasted hazelnuts were so key!).  I then flowed right into another cozy meal of braised short rib which fell apart with total ease; I’m such a sucker for winter meals and this was on point.  Lucky me, I also got a little taste of the Albacore tuna.  Followed by the hazelnut cheesecake, we couldn’t put our forks down as it was beyond delicious.   The creamy cheese filling was just so rich and fluffy!  With full bellies, we could not have been happier with our selection and will definitely be paying Marben another visit in the future.

Bar Buca

Finally back at it with some of my foodie adventures!  With Winterlicious back in full swing, I couldn’t be more excited to visit some of the restaurants on my list.  Bar Buca was the first to try this year that hosts a menu in an Italian tapas style; whatever is ready first they brought out.  For this reason, we made sure to have a few different selections to share so we could both eat from what was brought out.  Winterlicious in itself is meant as a way to try out new things and new restaurants but never have I had such a great selection!  From the rapini, testa, and citrus salads, the lunch was starting off on an excellent foot.  To my surprise, I loved the sweet and spicy vinaigrette combined with the citrus elements and the olives.  Followed by the Mortadella sandwich and the roasted cauliflower in spicy tomato sauce, we seriously could not believe how tasty everything was!  I’d have to say that the cauliflower is what I loved most and is something …

Be Calm

Although the new year has started on a bit of a low health-wise, getting tons of rest has definitely helped but being on the couch almost all day has made my little outings that much more important.  Regardless of your busy week or your energy levels, an hour with some fresh air and a change of scenery can make a world of difference.  As I headed south as I left home, I realized the little shop, Village Juicery, wasn’t a far walk and was calling my name.  As soon as a I stepped in and took a look at the selection of juices for the day, Be Calm was the one that jumped out at me.  After a quick little sample, I knew this was exactly what I needed to boost my mood and lift my spirits.  The mix of celery, pineapple, fennel, cucumber, and mint isn’t something I would have put together myself but it made for a perfectly sweet and calming combination. Even if grabbing a juice isn’t your thing, I know there are …

Chobani Soho Inspired Snacks

Just one hectic week after the next; all the finals, term projects, and assignment deadlines seem to come at once.  Regardless of how much you prepared ahead of time it always seems to hit hard.  My days have been spent with countless readings, writing, and brainstorming ideas for various design projects I have coming at me.  With all this hectic-ness though, I’m still trying to keep up with writing and ideas for my blog.  What I’m sharing today is something inspired from a little visit at the Chobani Soho while I was in New York City back in August.  Their little yogurt bowls were so yummy I tried to recreate a few recipes myself!  My two favourites so far have to be…. Plain Greek yogurt with clementine, cocoa nibs (or dark chocolate), pistachios, and honey AND Vanilla Greek yogurt with chai granola (from Bulk Barn), blackberries, and honey These combinations have at least kept my mood up while I cram and try to balance out everything else!

On a Sunday

Oh my goodness.  The last week has been non-stop for me and it has continued right through the weekend.  It’s getting into crunch time for a few of my classes as final assignments start to pile up.  Even with the hectic schedule I’ve been working with, I needed to get some fresh air this afternoon so I headed down to Bunner’s in Kensington Market for a quick lunch before I get back to the books.  This place is one of my favourites for something quick and simple.  Their pockets are easy to eat with one hand so you can free up the other for a coffee.  Talk about perfect! I also picked up a few of their adorable baby cinnamon buns!  They’re a little denser than your typical roll, but they’re delicious in their own way.  Whenever I’m down there I love picking up a little something to share later with friends or family.

Stuffed Chicken

These past few weeks have been tough and busy as I finally get back into a rhythm, catching up on readings and doing countless other things around here; I needed to find a bit of time to make myself a delicious dinner this week. While it might look complicated, I assure you that making stuffed chicken breasts isn’t anywhere near as difficult as it may look; it was a quick little brainstorm of stuff I could find in my fridge without having to get anything new from the grocery store.  On top of it all, baking something like this makes it feel even more like fall. You can essentially use anything you’d like for something like this, but my favourites are goat cheese, spinach, craisins, and walnuts; I just eyed the necessary quantity and went for it.  Just make sure to close the chicken up with a bit of string and wrap it up in tinfoil to put in the oven.  This way it keeps super juicy and requires less cleanup (for when you’re feeling …

NYC: Part II

While there are so many things to talk about in this great city, one of my favourite moments (and of course it was a foodie one) was when I got a taste of my very first cronut!  Although yes, there is a bit of a wait, any croissant and donut lover out there needs to get their hands on one of these.  The famous croissant, donut crossover invented by the geniuses at Dominique Ansel is a to-die-for treat if you’ve got the sweet tooth to handle it first thing in the morning.  With a rotating series of flavours, I got to taste their tangerine version.  The lightly crispy exterior, soft layers inside, and thick creamy filling is like going to a sweet, sweet heaven before your day even really begins.  With an iced chai latte sitting at a bistro table on their back patio, our third day in New York could not have started on a better note. After such a treat, it was necessary to walk at least a little bit of it off.  …