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Café Kitsuné

After a busy holiday season, I’m so glad I had a bit of time to head home and catch up with old friends.  Reuniting with my photography genius Brianna (who did most of the photography for the blog over the summer) was one of the best moments!  After having visited the coffee shop in Paris two summers ago, I was told that Café Kitsuné had opened a shop in Montreal as well.  Since I had yet to pay a visit, it was the perfect time.  Located just west of St. Laurent on Prince Arthur, the quaint little cafe has an eclectic feel with an enormous and awe inspiring KITSUNE light along the back wall; it can’t go unnoticed from the street. Butcher block counters and tables were of course my favourite element and gave a cozy woodsy feel to the place.  With a couple warm lattes in hand and my favourite blanket scarf wrapped around me, the cold winter weather outside became that much more enjoyable! Wearing: Hat from Mendocino, V Long Sleeve, Scarf


While the sun was setting, we still had some shooting to do and good thing we found these fun lights to play by!  Testing with proportions is always a fun way to switch things up.  I’ve always been a fan of jumpsuits because of the lack of thought needed in putting and outfit together; it’s just one piece on.  At the same time, the high waist and flared legs lend themselves more to the fact that playing with proportions is always part of fashion.  My legs seem to go on for miles (not complaining)!

The Gaze

While the stifling heat is finally coming upon us, keeping it simple with a white T and cut-off shorts is a must.  But what I’m most excited about are my new glasses!  While most of you probably don’t know that I need to wear glasses (more than 90% of the time I’m wearing my contacts), the doc has suggested I wear my glasses much more often; which brought me to this new pair.  The slightly cat-eye shape of the frames make them feel a little more chic but not too girly, while the tortoise shell pattern adds a little more interest than the solid coloured frames I had before.  Although I don’t have a collection of glasses, switching up the frames every now and then could be a lot more fun than I give it credit.


A new haircut can change so much.  Although I only went a few inches shorter, I always like starting off the new school year with freshly cut ends.  This time I was really feeling the shorter length to give me pin-straight hair just a little more liveliness.  While the cut goes straight across, the clean look was the style I was looking for and could not be happier with!  (This top was also perfect for showing off the shorter length…and the tan lines)

Summer Whites

Although an all-white-everything look would have been appropriate, I still can’t get enough of this top from Aritzia.  It’s great to see that the sleeveless-sweater is still on trend and coming on even stronger for fall!  Combining the neutral taupe and white went even better with a camel-coloured bag and long thin necklace.  While it’s obvious I like neutrals and classics, as seen here, the different lies with the play on portions; the longer tunic-style top, rolled up jeans, and big bag.  Creating this sleek and clean look required a beach-wavy hairstyle in contrast (not always an easy feat for me, but it worked). It took me forever to find a sleeveless-style top that fit the one I had been imagining therefore it’s even more exciting to see that Aritzia is bringing them back in new and more fall-appropriate colours again this season!  It’s well worth the investment.

“You make more friends with candy”

Candy, candy, and more candy!  It’s basically like a real live version of the board game; walls stacked full of boxes and bags of everybody’s favourites and in no shortage whatsoever.  To those candy lovers out there (I know there have to be many!) this place is a must!  With already 4 stores open both in Montreal and Toronto, there’s no excuse to not give this one a try. As the friendly staff greeted upon arrival, we were offered a sample of their gummy of the day.  With a rotation of different flavours, it’s great that you get to try them out before making a purchase.  Especially since it’s priced higher than your average (even though the quality more than makes up for it), it’s nice to know that they are making sure you enjoy your purchase and experience as much as possible.  And that includes everyone, from gluten free and vegan candies as well as GMO-free, they’ve got a candy for virtually any dietary constraint.  Each candy has been designed specifically for that flavour; …


Not that it’s a secret but I eat A LOT; salads often won’t cut it but Mandy’s has got the whole formula right, even for me.  The once hidden away Montreal gem is now bigger than ever!  With their new location on Crescent, not only is the location infinitely bigger which now has more room to house a greater selection of drinks and snacks while keeping a quaint atmosphere to enjoy a healthy lunch.  If you haven’t given this a try, it is a must.  I went with one of my favourites this time, the October salad, which now comes in a gorgeous eclectic bowl that echoes the mix-match style of décor in the shop.  I’m still gushing over how much I loved the décor; the velvet banquet, the different styled chairs, stools, and tables, as well as the different wall papers are all combinations that I love.  So not only does this adorable shop continue to sell their renowned salads (and don’t forget the cookies!) but they have finally acquired a location to match! …